Tackorama is a British independent games studio based in London, comprising of Phil and his tabby cat.
We aim to make absurd video games because fun should never be taken seriously.
One of our favourite treats is lemon drizzle cake.
— Coming up —
Project: Untitled camp silly platformer.
Due: Summer 2020.
Platforms: PC/Mac, Nintendo Switch.
Themes: Rainbows, cats, sparkles, warping (non-Star Trek variety).
Influences: Rainbow Islands, Spelunky in reverse, 1970's humour, colour clashes, my cat.
Working on: Play testing and tweaks (demo).
Hold up(s): Sudden summery weather in April.

Kitty Maestro

Meow-meow, meow meow.

Kitty Maestro Buy Kitty Maestro

Meowtastic arcade game. Free Demo.

Nintendo Switch | PC | Mac


It's good to explode.

BombFall Buy BombFall

You are the bomb.

Nintendo Switch | PC | Mac

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Nintendo Switch | PC | Mac

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