Tackorama is a British independent games studio of Phil and his tabby cat. We aim to make absurd video games because fun should never be taken seriously. We like lemon drizzle cake and napping.
— Coming Up —
Project: Untitled Tactical Game.
Due: 2024.
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Themes: Hexagons, life, slot machines, sillyness.
Influences: All the boards games I played at Xmas.
Working on: Concepts and numbers.
Hold up(s): New year, new laziness.

Latest Games


7 minutes, 7 warps, 1 spaceship

Warped action space game. Nintendo Switch | PC | Mac

In Development: although the full game has the level editor it only contains the demo levels at the moment. I will add lots of levels to the game soon.


Cat on the dance floor

Timed arcade tactical game. Free Demo.. Free Demo. PC | Mac

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