About Tackorama

Tackorama is a one man effort, with a Chief Programming Consultant (my cat) and an increasing number of video games.

Tackorama was started a long time ago as a one man effort to show that vulgarity mixed with style is a potent combination.

All quite legitimate

Tackorama is now a limited company, yes, an offical UK registered company. Things have become more serious, at least on the surface.

Good taste is not always good

Leave aside all the semantics and technicalities about who defines good taste and just look around you and what is in your life at the moment. Are the walls to your home or office clinically smooth? Do all your magazines have neutral colours, plain typefaces and elegantly lit photographs? Is your musical library only full of bands/songs that you can say out loud to a stranger?

If the answer is yes, then I would venture a bold assertion: despite the surface good taste in your life, you have nothing that would mark you as interesting or fun. Good taste has only offered you un-challengeing, non-offensive products, the very worst that modern companies can offer. Good taste has denied you the comic, the daring, the hypnotic lure of the stylishly vulgar.

Tackorama ignores the boundary between good and bad. If it's interesting, funny, shocking, entertaining, provocative or simply beautiful, I do not care where on the good-bad scale it lies. No to pigeon-holeing. Tackorama's primary goal is merging the vulgar with some style, without giving a shit about taste.

P.S. The above is moderate nonsense and can be forgotten with haste and without guilt.

Origins of Tackorama

Apologies but this always ends up being longer than I intend it to be.

1994 — A film

A film called Priscilla, Queen of the Desert was released. The story follows three gay men travelling across the Australian outback. There is a scene where the three guys stay in a hotel. Walking up the stairs they pass a painted mural of a landscape that stretches from floor to the high ceiling. The remark from one of them goes:

"Urgh Tackorama. Who did that?"

I did not initially view it as an abusive word, even though this was clearly the intention. The word has connotations that reflect upon the apparent superior position of the person using it, given the sometimes clique and snobbish atittudes of gay men towards other people in general. Use of the word showed a bullying aspect to the different and side-stepped the relative nature and or merits of the object of derision.

While watching city poofs clash with outback locals was fun, what was meant as a good punchline in the film for me became a word that could be used as a trademark when one had created something that ignored the idea of taste, vulgar but stylish. And so it became some time after graduation...

1998 — A logo is born

The first artefact to contain the Tackorama logo was a tape I had produced for a friend. (CD burners were only 4x speed or 6x speed then you know, and bloody expensive. No MP3 neither. Music was bought on CD but swapped on tapes). Over 90 minutes of music was collected and a quick tape cover was created with a song listing. The logo was about 2cm wide, bore the name Tackorama Records underneath it and was positioned in the bottom right hand corner.

The logo was needed to adorn the cover of a music tape that was created for a friend (she requested it). It was finished on Friday 24th April, 1998 at 16:44 BST to be exact.

The contents of the tape are not that important. No really. You miss the point if you think they bear a relation on the history of Tackorama. What is important is that the tape was listened too, avidly. To begin with, friends, and friends of friends pulled faces and said things like "Oh don't put that on" and "You listen to that?" and others just drew in a lot of deep breaths.

But they listened, without screams of agony. Some tapped feet. Few swinged hips and/or pants. The combined effect of listening to those tracks was pleasureable, it got to you in a good way. And most played the tape again in their cars, at home, in the walkman.

And since then...

Tackorama continued to create many such tapes of vulgarity. And posters and postcards. Also some birthday cards and christmas cards, with some truly bizarre photo-shopping (much more personal than mass-produced sentimentality).

In 2006 the website came online and wasn't much. Still isn't, but at least it looks nicer now. Soon after that Tackorama made a few widgets for OS X Dashboard and dipped it's fertive toe in the water of cartoons. (I'm happy that Flash is dead).

Video Games

Following another change of direction in 2015 Tackorama is now making video games. As a solo developer so many skills come together and lately Tackorama has completed it's first video game for the Nintendo Switch, following some similar games for the PC/Mac.


(Not sure I need this, but just in case I do.).

In case you thought that Tackorama was some student effort, or a charity, or blase about copyright, well you'd be wrong on all counts. It's a business, which means I will have to sue assholes and douchebags (sometimes separately) if they are doing anything remotely naughty.

If you want to keep being good and/or hate having a judge ordering you to pay me lots of money then avoid doing any of the following:

  • Using Tackorama's name or logo without explicit permission.
  • Passing off anything created by Tackorama as your own.
  • Impersonate or pretend to be representing Tackorama.
  • Er,
  • That's it.
  • (Perhaps I should have read law at university.)

And finally, ignorance of the law is not a defence from it.

The lesson endeth here