Loot Monkey — Tackorama's 2D, flip-screen, platformer

Where. Is. My. Loot!

Loot Monkey is a 2D, flip-screen, platform game very much in the style of 8-bit platformers.

You play as Dougie, monkey and servant to the Evil Overlord, and have been instructed by your master to collect all his loot from his estate. Every item of loot must be collected from all the rooms to win the game and receive the master's reward.

  • Single player
  • Mac, Windows
  • Offline

Obliterator — Tackorama's 2D space game

Thrust, turn, shoot, repeat.

Obliterator is a top-down, 2D, single-player, action space game.

It is a mission-based game where you pilot the SS Harmony (a.k.a. The Obliterator) and complete objectives for The Committee in order to further the expansion into space.

  • Single player
  • Mac, Windows
  • Offline

Kill All Fairies — Tackorama's entry for Ludum Dare 33

Kill All Fairies is a game where you are the monster and have to kill all the fairies using a fly swat. Beware of the sugar plum fairy.

  • Single player
  • Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Offline
  • Free to play

MrDoodle — Tackorama's debut video game

MrDoodle is an old style 2D platformer where you throw your hat at enemies and drink cups of tea. It is a quick (< 3 minutes) game designed for Mac and Windows.

  • 5 enemy types
  • 8 levels of enemy numbers
  • 5 enemy speeds
  • 8 one-screen platform levels
  • 6 game length settings
  • Single player
  • Mac and Windows
  • Always offline