Obliterator — Tackorama's 2D space game

Thrust, turn, shoot, repeat.

Obliterator is a top-down, 2D, single-player, action space game.

It is a mission-based game where you pilot the SS Harmony (a.k.a. The Obliterator) and complete objectives for The Committee in order to further the expansion into space.

  • Single player
  • Mac, Windows
  • Offline

Kill All Fairies — Tackorama's entry for Ludum Dare 33

Kill All Fairies is a game where you are the monster and have to kill all the fairies using a fly swat. Beware of the sugar plum fairy.

  • Single player
  • Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Offline
  • Free to play

MrDoodle — Tackorama's debut video game

MrDoodle is an old style 2D platformer where you throw your hat at enemies and drink cups of tea. It is a quick (< 3 minutes) game designed for Mac and Windows.

  • 5 enemy types
  • 8 levels of enemy numbers
  • 5 enemy speeds
  • 8 one-screen platform levels
  • 6 game length settings
  • Single player
  • Mac and Windows
  • Always offline