In Development: although the full game has the level editor it only contains the demo levels at the moment. I will add lots of levels to the game soon.

Cat on the dance floor

Tixit is a timed arcade tactical game set on a brightly-lit dance floor.

As a lively jumping cat your aim is to collect and deliver tokens from opposite sides of the dance floor. Use your tactical skills to keep your cat healthy as you jump across the dance floor. (Avoid getting hit at all to achieve a flawless victory, or collect drinks mats to restore health).

Party and Chill Out

Tixit features timed Party levels of varying difficulty that can be played in any order. There is also a Chill Out mode where the stopwatch doesn't work. In Chill Out mode you can choose the complexity of the level, giving your cat unlimited time to consider their next move.

Create and share your own levels

Tixit has a fully featured level editor with lots of patterns and colours to choose from as well as 1000 save slots for your own creations. You can copy over the Party levels and alter them, or start creating your own levels from scratch.

Created levels can also be copy/pasted in and out of Tixit and shared using the short-ish text code (about 180 characters).

Tixit is fully controller supported (a controller is recommended). Tixit also supports keyboard controls.

Free Demo

A free demo of Tixit is available and is limited to 4 Party levels and two music tracks. The full game includes Chill Out mode, the level editor and many more dance tracks.

— Fact Sheet —
Title: Tixit
Developer: Tackorama Ltd
Release Date: February 2022
Platforms: PC | Mac
Genre: 2D | Arcade | Puzzle
Price: FREE (Demo), £9 (Full Game)
Availability: Digital Download (PC/MAC)
Demo: Limited to first 4 levels of Party mode. No level editor.
Controls: Controller (recommended - most supported)
Keyboard (WASD, arrow keys)
Languages: English
Audience: 3+
File Size: ~280 MB (download), ~340 MB (uncompressed)
Press Contact:
Twitter: @TackoramaLtd