MrDoodle is an old style 2D platformer where you throw your hat at enemies and drink cups of tea.

It is a quick, offline, single player game designed for Mac and Windows.


MrDoodle is a single screen platform game that takes it gameplay from old platform games.

Choose your challenge

You select from the options of enemy, enemy speed, enemy concentration, game length, and platform config. Or you can hit the Randomise button instead.

No blocky pixels

The look of MrDoodle is hires hand drawn... no pixel style 8bit graphics. And the game was made to be crisp on large monitors.

It's all over

MrDoodle is designed for a single player who wants a very quick game (30 seconds to 3 minutes) on their desktop computer.


  • Platform game
  • Single player
  • Easy controls
  • Quick levels
  • Fuss free

Game Features

  • 5 enemy types to hit
  • 8 levels of enemy numbers
  • 5 enemy speeds
  • 8 platform configs
  • 6 game length settings
  • High Score table
  • Rebindable keys

System Reqs

  • Mac and Windows
  • 16:9 or 16:10 monitor
  • No internet required

Free Demo (via IndieDB)


Cups of Tea — the power boosting brew

Collecting Cups of Tea in MrDoodle gives you points and applies a special random boost for 5 seconds.

Cups of Tea appear at random locations on a platforms.

More than one Cup of Tea boost can be active at the same time.

Double Move Speed

MrDoodle gets a speed boost.

Double Height Jump

MrDoodle can now jump twice as high as before... able to leap over enemies.

Extra Hats

MrDoodle no longer waits for his hat to return...he can fire as many hats as possible.

Large Hat of Death

MrDoodle's hat becomes ridiculously large and obliterates enemies in its path.

Invisible to enemies

MrDoodle becomes semi-transparent and passes through enemies like a ghost.

Enemies — baddies to throw your hat at

There are 5 enemies that MrDoodle is irritated about enough to throw his hat at.

Each enemy behaves in a certain way, providing their own challenge.

Only one type of enemy is on screen at any time.

Enemy movement speed is affected by your choice before game begins.


Slow moving and graceful Balloons float up and down the screen constantly.


Whizzing past MrDoodle the Newspapers whisk left and right the screen.

Angry Heads

Targeting their aggression towards MrDoodle the Angry Heads move constantly towards him.


Wafting about the sky the Flowers move in strange circular movements.


Gliding peacefully the Birds will divebomb MrDoodle if he gets near them.